Feb 22, 2012

2001 Gerard Chavy & Fils Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru Les Folatiéres

The first time I tasted a Puligny-Montrachet from Gerard Chavy & Fils was in 2010 at Selfridges' wine bar in London. A great taste, really nice white which made me look at their bottles in local wineshops. Oddly, the Puligny-Montrachet they served at Selfridges did not have any vintage marking on it, and the sommelier there was as astounded as I was on how is it possible not to give a vintage on the label however still indicate it is a Puligny-Montrachet, given the strict French wine laws? The wine was already slightly developed, possibly a 2003-2005. Very smooth and gave the feeling of just vanishing from your tongue, a truly great feeling, one of the better chardonnays to come my way.

The 2001 is a developed wine however already seen its best. Beautiful medium intensive golden colour, the nose gives vanilla from oak maturation, slightly parfumed and dark spices which have been thrown to a basket made of fresh wood and full of very ripe citrus fruit and apricot. The palate is almost thick and oily, oak dominating, however thin on fruit. You should drink it now.

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