Oct 5, 2010

2004 Fratelli Revello Barolo Vigna Gattera (from Annunziata di La Morra)

Fratelli Revello's 2004 barolos have proven as some of the most consistent wines for the vintage, this one not disappointing either. Tasted in October 2010, I bought the wine from Cantina Communale di La Morra, the municipal wine cellar in the village of La Morra managed by an association of wine producers selling local wines (www.cantinalamorra.com ). The beauty of the Langhe region are the local municipal tasting cellars where local producers sell and offer their wines for tasting - there is one in each of the most siginificant villages producing barolo wines, in La Morra, Serralunga d'Alba, Castiglione Falletto, and in the village of Barolo itself (as well as in Barbaresco). Only Monforte d'Alba lacks one, however you will find a very good restaurant / wine shop in the center of the village which you should visit.

The 2004 barolos are from an exceptionally good vintage, thus I anticipated a big however still youtful wine worthy of cellaring. And the wine delivered just that.

The wine has a a medium purple / garnet color i.e. still youngish appereance for a wine of 6 years of age, i.e. a color not characteristic of the nebbiolo grape's usually more brownish appearance. However it did have an orange hue - now this is more characteristic for the grape. The nose has beautiful notes of ripe, as well as already dried, black fruits, perfume, musk, plum and tobacco, however no coffee here.

Tannins are rather big however offering good structure and not drying the mouth at all. The palate is full-bodied with ripe black fruit and excellent acidity. The high alcohol burns a little and continues to power itself through the palate. Although the nose did not reveal any coffee, there are cappuccino notes in the long aftertaste which turns into chocolate in the end.

Fratelli Ravello's 2004 barolo certainly introduces to try more wines from the Annunziata area within La Morra! The wine was already very pleasant at 6 years of age, it is a classy and quality example of barolo which will develop nicely for several years as it includes high alcohol, tannin, acidity and fruit content. It would be very pleasant to try this wine in another 6-10 years, however it is already very drinkable. Another prime example from barolo's 2004 vintage. I would rate this one very high, at 93 points out of 100.

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